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Come and enjoy a plate of karma free food.



 Lunch 110 Kr


chutney, Indisk yogurt-drink (lassi), salad and basmatirice, soup and the dish of the day.

We have vegan alternatives aswell.

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Monday 20 Sep

Vegetable stew

Dal: Moong bean soup


Tuesday 21 Sep 

Vegan picadilo

sea weed soup

oat burger


Wednesday 22 Sep

Bengali vegetable dish

beetroot  soup

urad dal-vada: chickpea fritters

Thursday 23 Sep

Vegetable stew

Green peas & mint soup


Friday 24 Sep

white bean dish

pumpkin soup

vegan burger

Saturday 25 Sep


Sunday 26 Sep



Included:  Chutney, Indian yogurt drink (lassi), salad and basmati rice. 

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